Katherine is a former business manager that now dedicates her whole time taking care of her 1-year-old boy. She's a stay at home mother and a full-time blogger at Baby Gear Guides. Being a mother, she spends the most of her time caring, playing, and enjoying her 1-year-old and by sharing her experience with you. She is running her blog from the comfort of her home and sharing stories, facts, and opinions about babies and baby products.

Focusing on being a mother, she is also a full-time blogger and that's what keeps her busy. Even if she was a business manager, she gave up her job so he could spend more time with her child and that is what every mother can relate to. Staying at home taking care of her baby may not sound very frustrating but when you have a baby, life can be very hard. Katherine has to cope with diapers, breastfeeding, cooking, cleaning, washing and any other job that you can do around your house, and it needs to be done.

She is a dedicated blogger but most importantly a dedicated mother so writing articles between changing diapers might not look too hard, but it is.