Best Baby Product Reviews 2017

When you have a baby coming up you have to take care of alot of stuff. Do you have a baby coming up or have you just gotten a little one lately? On our blog we cover the best products you can get for your baby to give him a comfortable first few years. We review alot of products, think about strollers, bassinets and mattresses.


Our main product we review are strollers, we look at the size, ease of use, price/quality ratio, we even look a little bit at the design. Our preference goes out to the bassinet stroller because it is a combination of a bassinet and a stroller in one! We also posted a review about the best umbrella strollers aswell as the version of the double umbrella stroller. bassinet-stroller If you are looking to stay healthy while walking your baby, we recommend you to get a jogging stroller. With this kind of stroller you can go jogging while running your baby, these are usually very lightweight and really easy to push forward in comparison to other strollers.

Lastly, we have also compared the following brands;


Bassinets are very important for babies to keep them safe and warm in the first phase of their lives. The bassinets we have reviewed are very comfortable for your little one and some of them are even see-through so you can see how your baby is doing from a small distance.

We haven't reviewed alot of bassinets but we have done our best, for example check out our best baby bassinets for girls, these can of course also be used for a boy but since the colours are mostly pink we wouldn't recommend that. If you are planning on travelling for example you might be looking for a bassinet that is easily foldable to take with you, take a look at our best portable baby bassinets.

Every bassinet also needs some bassinet sheets, we have also put out a top five for those, including a conclusion on which product is the best for you to buy.

Mattresses & pads

To keep your baby comfortable in the bassinet you will have to get some bedding. We have provided some comparisons for the best mattresses for bassinets. If you still have a small kid check out the version for the smaller babies. Please keep in mind that the products I review are not really purchased. I only look at the specifications and then make a conclusion on what products I think suit best for the average baby. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time, also if you have any complaints or edit requests about the baby reviews, feel free to do so.
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