Top 5 Best Jogging Strollers For Your Money

New parents face a number of problems to keep their small babies close to them. If they want to go outside, they should bring the baby with them, even if they go for a jog. It is nearly impossible to jog while holding a small baby. Parents usually use strollers and prams to take their children for a run, but those prams with small wheels are an uncomfortable ride for baby. Parents are now using Jogging strollers to take their kids with them. To find best jogging strollers we need to look for these important features as running is free but accessories are not.

1. Swiveling wheels are way better than fixed wheel as they are easy to rotate and turn around.

2. Suspension of the stroller is also an important thing, as it’s important to give a smooth and comfortable drive for infants.

3. The handlebar of the stroller should be adjustable as it is easier to manage if parents have height differences.

We are going to discuss features of five comfortable and nice jogging strollers.

1. BOB Revolution Pro

It is technologically the most advanced in all the strollers. The most important feature about the stroller is its rear wheel drum brakes. These brakes give you the feeling of control over the stroller. It is comfortable for the rider as well, with canopy, foot rest and wide seats. There is a pocket to keep stuffed animals in. On the other side, this jogging stroller has some drawbacks too. It is quite heavy at 25 pounds and the length of approximately 25.5 inches. It also has coil spring suspension system and rear drum brakes. According to reviewers, its canopy can’t filter Ultra violet rays.

2. Burley Solstice

Burley has been providing outdoor products for quite a long time. Their jogging stroller provides a nice suspension system of coil springs under all the wheels, providing a smooth drive for the rider even on rough surfaces. It is also quite easy to fold and store. Some reviewers said that it would be one of the best jogging strollers if it was more lightweight. Some of the reviewers also wished for brake pedals in this baby stroller. The weight of this stroller is around 29lbs, and its front wheel is swivel type. It also has a coil spring suspension system and parking brakes.

3. Allen Sports Trailer

If you have some nice back muscles and you can pull things quickly, then this would be a better choice. This stroller originally rolls along on a pair of bicycle wheels that dampens the motion of a runner. It is not the kind of stroller that you can bring to the track as well as the mall. It weighs 20 lbs with two wheels, flexible bow for suspension purpose and no brakes.

4. Baby Trend Expedition

It is designed by Baby Gear Lab, and they call it Baby Trend Expedition. It is nice and comfortable if you are going on some unexpected adventures. Some reviewers said that this is great to handle as they have run with it for 22 minutes and it wasn’t difficult to take care of. It is considered best for the light jogger, not for a runner. It weighs 24 lbs and has swivel front wheels. It also has adjustable handlebar and foot activated parking brakes, but the suspension system is missing here.

5. Phil and Teds

It is the kind of stroller that will help you run even in marathons. According to elite runners, this is the best jogging stroller to keep training. It has been tested by different athletes, and they appreciate its aerodynamic design. It has a few drawbacks like the folding system is missing and it is also quite expensive. It weighs around 30 lbs, and the front wheel is fixed, and dual disk brakes are available. Adjustable handlebar and anti-shock suspension system are available in this stroller.


Parents set different parameters to select any product. Some parents need suspension systems, and some want to have a comfortable in-control feel from the stroller. It’s difficult to select the best jogging stroller but per a review of people and provided the features, we consider BOB Revolution Pro as the best available option from this pool of jogging strollers. It provides all the necessary features like swivel wheel, nice suspension system, hand activated drum brakes and adjustable handlebar. On the other side, all the above-listed jogging strollers are missing one of such necessary feature. So for a comfortable and long lasting stroller for your baby the BOB Revolution Pro is the best jogging stroller, providing all important features.

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