Best Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller Reviews

You always want what’s best when it comes to your children. So don’t settle when it comes to strollers! There’s no need to sort through hundreds of reviews, which can be frustrating and overwhelming, and in the end, still leave you with a mediocre, heavy stroller.

Instead, go with a brand that is known and trusted. The Kolcraft Cloud line of umbrella strollers is renowned for being lightweight and is designed to protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun.

Even with the best strollers, you need to find the perfect one suited to your preferences and needs, as well as the needs of your child. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Kolcraft Cloud umbrella strollers.

1. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller with Deluxe Weather Shield & Insect Netting

First on our list of the best Kolcraft Cloud umbrella stroller reviews comes this deluxe, lightweight model. This stroller is perfect for traveling. Coming in at an amazing 11.8 pounds, the lightweight design of this Kolcraft Cloud umbrella stroller makes it very easy to navigate. This stroller conveniently folds into a stand-up shape, which you can carry with just one hand.

This stroller keeps your child safe from the elements with its included weather shield and mosquito net. Mosquitos can be carriers for diseases, so it’s important to keep your child protected from them. The extendable umbrella adds additional protection from the elements.

Storage is also important in a stroller, and this has a large bag for all your baby’s necessities.

2. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller with Insect Netting

This stylish model is also very lightweight, for easy steering and maximum control over the stroller. The wheels are made to handle any terrain, whether it be a smooth sidewalk, asphalt, grass or anything else you can imagine. With its compact fold, it is perfect for day trips to the park or the zoo, fitting easily in the back of your vehicle.

The easy-access storage basket can hold all the things you will need to care for your child while you are out and about! This stroller comes with a removable tray for your child’s food or toys. It also has a dual cup holder for both you and your child.

3. Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller

Retire your bulky, old stroller and experience the luxury of this lightweight stroller, great for traveling. This stroller folds into a convenient shape, and is very easy to lift because of its weight; coming in at just under 13 pounds, the lightweight design also makes the stroller much easier to steer than a larger model. Being a sport model, it is especially designed for easy use and travel.

This stroller is best for children who can sit without assistance from a parent, and can hold a child who weighs up to 50 pounds. The stroller comes with a basket underneath for storage of all your needs, be it baby bottles, diapers, or even your own bag.

4. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

This amazingly lightweight Kolcraft Cloud umbrella stroller weighs under 12 pounds! The seat has multiple positions and is soft and cushioned for your child’s comfort. The compact fold of this model makes it perfect for families who are always on the go.

The seat also comes with a five-point safety harness for babies who cannot sit unassisted, to keep your child safe and secure while you’re out for a walk.

There are removable trays for both child and parent, and each come with two cupholders for drinks or snacks. The extended canopy protects your child from the harmful UV rays of the sun, with a window so you can still see your child.

5. Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

Last but certainly not least, this Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller comes in many stylish colors to suit your tastes best. With a three-point safety harness, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to security for your child, either!

One great feature that makes this umbrella stroller perfect for hot summer days is the patented CoolMesh seats. The material of the seats can roll up, allowing your child to sit on a mesh seating that allows increased airflow to cool your child off in the blazing heat. The extended canopy provides additional protection from the sun.

With a basket underneath, this model also has plenty of storage.


Having the right stroller can really make all the difference in the life of your family. Why waste your time with a clunky, bulky stroller, when you can have a much lighter, easier to use Kolcraft Cloud model that makes traveling a breeze? A stroller should meet your needs and the needs of your entire family.

You want a stroller you’ll actually be able to use in your day-to-day life, and the Kolcraft Cloud umbrella strollers are perfect for travel or just walks around your neighborhood. This list of the best Kolcraft Cloud umbrella stroller reviews makes your decision that much easier at the end of the day, just like your stroller should.

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