Instep Safari Jogging Stroller Review

Many parents take jogging in serious and a regular stroller wouldn't help them in their running. The instep safari jogging stroller is a perfect choice for this type of parents because it offers a safe ride for your baby while you are doing your morning run, it also available as instep double jogging stroller that can hold two children if you need.

Also, the instep jogging stroller has some additional features like an MP3 speaker for your child or a drink holder for you. We will discuss some of its best features later, now let's see...

What criteria makes a great jogging stroller?

Well, the regular 4-wheeled strollers it's not the best for running and that because it has those shopping-cart-like wheels that skitter in every way making a run almost impossible. The feature that makes a stroller a real jogging stroller is that it has three wheels instead of four, and that's why the jogging strollers are so stable. Also, the wheels have to be stable, so the rear wheels are fixed in position while the front wheel is free to swivel, this way the instep safari jogging stroller can turn easily.

Product Overview - What features does the instep safari jogging stroller have

The instep jogging stroller has some helpful features for every parent. Some of them are: An MP3 Speaker that will keep the baby calm and entertained while you're running, it has 2 cup holders, rubberized handles that are slip resistant and dual trigger folding mechanism that reinforces the stroller and will keep your child safe.It has two 16" and one 12" pneumatic wheels with molded rims for performance; it measures 32 inches by 20 inches by 15 inches, and it can be folded for occupying less space when deposited, and the spring suspension delivers a smooth ride on almost every surface. The most important features of the instep jogging stroller

  • Fixed rear wheels for better stability

  • Swivel front wheel for turning (can also be locked)

  • MP3 Speaker for entertaining the child

  • Spring suspensions for a smooth ride

  • 2 cup holders

  • Rubberized handle for better grip

  • Dual trigger folding mechanism for easy folding


The jogging stroller it's very helpful for a lot of parents, and it has some very good reviews from people who bought this jogging stroller and also from people who bought the instep double jogging stroller because there is a model that can hold two children as well. Some of the pros mentioned in the buyers reviews where:

  • Smooth ride while the front wheel is unlocked.

  • Very useful adjustable handle bars that can be lowered for a better grip and position while running.

  • Very easy to assemble and resistant over time due to its steel frame.

  • Trays for both child and parent that can hold drinks or little snacks.

  • The MP3 Speaker that can distract the child and make the ride entertaining for him.

  • The rubberized handles that offer a great grip even when they are wet.

  • Remote swivel lock to lock the front wheel and make it more stable.

  • Good price compared to other types of jogging strollers.

  • Easy to fold and unfold it takes just 5 minutes.

  • Pivoting tray that helps you get the child out easily.


Nothing is perfect, so it is with this jogging stroller so let's see some drawbacks that this stroller has:

  • Hard to steer due to the locked front wheel that can also be unlocked but it's not safe to unlock it while running.

  • MP3 speaker isn't very loud, and it needs music output from an external source like a phone.

  • Straps aren't very comfortable for an older child (2 -3 years).


The instep double jogging stroller and the individual one are some of the best choices if you are an amateur runner of you are on a budget. While not breaking your bank, this jogging stroller received some good reviews from the people who bought it and it offers high quality for a low price. It's a robust stroller that can handle the test of time and it has all the features that a good jogging stroller must have. Also, it has some extra features that are meant to help both the parents and the children while running or just walking through your neighborhood. It's perfect for any terrain, and it offers a smooth ride thanks to the fixed inflatable wheels and the spring suspensions that are designed for great stability and performance while running or walking.

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